Therapeutic dentistry

The treatment of caries and its complications is carried out by a physician

The treatment of caries and its complications is carried out by a physician

Contact us if you have

a toothache

a cavity appeared, or a part of a tooth broke off

signs of caries – spots, pain, and bad breath

hypersensitive teeth

inflammation around the tooth

a desire to improve the color of the enamel and the shape of the tooth

The main areas of therapeutic dentistry are

treatment and prevention of caries

treatment of tooth canals

treatment of complex channels under a microscope

teeth restoration

teeth whitening

deep fluoridation of teeth

preventive examination



Control is needed to keep your teeth healthy and untreated . To do this, we recommend visiting a doctor for preventive examinations every 6 months, which allows you to identify the problem at the earliest stages. It is necessary to have these reviews for the guarantee of treatment.

We also seal fissures, which reduces the risk of caries. When sealing, natural furrows (fissures) on the tooth surface are insulated with a particular material (sealant). Therefore, bacteria do not get inside the fissures and do not grow into caries.



Protezist offers comprehensive dental care. All types of X-ray examinations are performed to diagnose the problem and control the treatment, including computed tomography. We carry out treatment according to modern international protocols, using high-quality, certified materials. We will restore damaged teeth, restoring their natural shape, color, and function.

The availability of modern microscopes helps in the treatment of complex canals, which prevents complications. All procedures are painless.

Protezist uses various types and methods of anesthesia, including computer anesthesia. If you have problems that do not allow you to treat your teeth in the usual way or have difficulty with any dental intervention, all manipulations can be performed under general anesthesia. In this way, it is possible to carry out all the necessary interventions in one visit.

At Protezist, you can consult with other dentists: orthopedist, surgeon, periodontist.

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