Orthopedic dentistry

An orthopedist restores the appearance and function of teeth

An orthopedist restores the appearance and function of teeth

You need an orthopedist if there is

a desire to have light and straight teeth

partial or complete destruction of teeth

an absence of one or more teeth

an abrasion of enamel or tooth

chewing disorders

All types of prosthetics

dental veneers

zirconium crowns

ceramic crowns

metal-ceramic crowns

prosthetics on implants

ceramic tabs and overlays

removable dentures


Foundry works

cult tabs

solid dentures

frames for metal-ceramic, metal-plastic dentures

frames of clasp prostheses on duplicate models of various complexity


Diagnosis and treatment

At Protezist Clinic in Lutsk, prosthetics use only a comprehensive approach to diagnose and choose the best way to solve your problem, which guarantees an excellent result. All modern types of X-rays necessary for a full diagnosis of your dental and maxillofacial system are available. Our own dental laboratory provides a closed cycle of manufacturing various kinds of dental structures. Rapid, high-quality diagnostics and preparation for prosthetics are provided by related dentists: surgeon, therapist, periodontist, radiologist. This is convenient because we can take care of all your needs at one place, instead of visiting multiple establishments.

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