Surgical dentistry

Painless treatment and removal of teeth is performed by a dental surgeon

Painless treatment and removal of teeth is performed by a dental surgeon

You need a dental surgeon if you have

the need to remove the tooth

intense pain and swelling


facial asymmetry

the need for implants

difficult teething

a short bridle of the tongue and lips

tooth damage

The main areas of surgical dentistry are

removal of deciduous and permanent teeth;

tooth-preserving operations (root apex resection, root amputation, hemisection)

surgical treatment of periodontal diseases;

bone plastic surgery;

installation of dental implants;

removal of cysts and other benign formations of the oral cavity;

surgical preparation before orthodontic and orthopedic treatment;

laser trimming of the bridle of the tongue, lips, and gums;

surgical interventions under general anesthesia.


Comprehensive treatment 

The presence of all types of X-ray diagnostics in our institution allows us to plan complex operations and provide detailed consultations. A comprehensive approach to treatment is provided by related dentists: orthopedist, therapist, periodontist, radiologist. 


Surgical intervention without pain

All surgical manipulations are well anesthetized with modern anesthetics, so you will not feel pain. An oxygen concentrator ensures a constant supply of oxygen throughout the procedure, which relieves the patient of stress.

Protezist uses different types of anesthesia. If you have problems that do not allow you to treat your teeth in the usual way, or you find it difficult to tolerate any dental (surgical) intervention, all manipulations can be performed under general anesthesia. 


The importance of emergency care

In our institution, only tested, certified drugs are used. However, given the growing allergies, the presence of many comorbidities, uncontrolled use of various drugs, the likelihood of allergic reactions or other conditions does not disappear. Therefore, emergency care skills are a prerequisite for any medical intervention.

All doctors of our team regularly undergo practical training in emergency care, which we organize together with certified trainers-doctors of the international level.

It is essential that our doctors not only have the latest practical and theoretical knowledge of emergency care, but are also provided with all necessary medicine and equipment.

People often ask us
When is wisdom tooth removal necessary?
If wisdom teeth have become a source of acute or chronic infection or cause uneven teeth or poor occlusion, they must be removed.
Is it possible to pull out several teeth at once?
What is the price of dental implants?
Is painless tooth extraction possible?
Is it enough just to wish the patient to undergo surgical treatment under general anesthesia?
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